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One of the most emerging Hotel Management College in Odisha at Bhubaneswar providing quality technical education.

SVIHMT is equipped with Computer Center to carter to the needs of students and faculty in the Institute.

It is having specialized laboratories to provide variety of platforms and computing environment for degree students.It is also equipped
with modern Lab with Latest equippementsneeded for the training to carter the needs of industry.

It is an institute of new generation where efficient technocrats are produced. It is a place where, apart from learning tools,participants are
exposed to those qualities, which make them excellent human beings; it ensures development of healthy work culture necessary for a good professional.

The striking aspects of the institute's Hotel Management program are to meet the growing needs of industry and groom students for higher studies in institutes
of National & international repute. We bring about desirable and need-based innovative skills relevant to the changing need of our time.

The institute imparts value added education as part of technical education.

The members of the faculty are well known for their experience and wide knowledge in their subjects.

The know how to teach the latest theories of the scientific & technological developments.

You will find them humane who value teaching and work ceaselessly to be of help to each participant.

They teach not only the latest theories if global scientific advances,
but also help their students to develop skills which will make them immediate contributors upon graduation.

Steps are being taken to provide excellent written and oral communication skills.

The most important factor that has motivated the new generation that, institute is its outstanding faculty.

Our faculty are genuinely committed to help each and every student in the process of attaining success.

Atthe program level the institute's approach is best described as practical, user friendly and flexible.

The right balance of cutting edge theory and hands-on experience is the key to an education that will provide options
and a lifetime career opportunity to our participants.We endeavor to provide all our participants a rewarding and
successful career opportunity to meet the diverse of the new generation.