Welcome to SVIHMT

The Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes(S.V.G.I.) began in the year 2007 under the patronage of Promodini Educational & Charitable Trust(P.E.C.T) Under the leadership of Mr. Lokanath Patra,Chairman

College:Swami Vivekananda Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism is a constituent of S.V.G.I. The college came into existence in 2018 with an aim to provide a quality professional teaching in an excellent educational environment,which leads the students towards a successful Professional career.Read More....

  • Admission Open for Classes 1 to 9 for the session 2017-18

Practical Lab

Food Production Lab:

Food Production Lab with all latest kitchen equipments, to make the students feel to work in a modern commercial kitchen.

Food Production: - To develop the cooking skill of our students they go through various cookery practical in basic training kitchen. To supplement these skills, regular demonstration is given by the faculty and industry professionals. The students learnIndian, Regional, Continental, Chinese and other International Cuisine in our basic training kitchen.

Food & Beverage Service Lab:

A Fully equipped Food & Beverage Service Lab with a bar for conducting the practicals.

Food and Beverage Service: - Here the students learn the techniques of food and beverage service such as Silver Service, American Service, and Buffet Service etc are practiced. In addition, art and skills are involved in the preparation of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. College has a bar counter for the training of the students.

Front Office Lab:

A Front Office Lab with the Computer system for practice.

Front Office: - To provide the knowledge about handling of telephone, guest complaints handling, handling of Reservation, Reception, Yield Mgt. Forecast. Development of techniques proper etiquettes to handle all situations.

Housekeeping Lab:

A Housekeeping Lab with all the facilities like laundry,cleaning instruments etc.

Housekeeping: - Skills of receiving and accommodating guests are taught here. Maintenance of property, Interior Decorating, Flower Arrangement, Fabric Handling, Laundry Management etc is practised here.

Bakery & Confectionary Lab:

A Bakery & Confectionary Lab

Bakery and Confectionery: - Here the students learn about commodities used in Bakery/Confectionery, the process undertaken, selection, composition, functions, and reactions to the ingredients, basic knowledge of baking/heating, refrigerating, freezing, chilling and the interaction of the elements used.

Suite Room:

A Suite Room to provide the practical knowledge of a hotel room.


Hostels are available for both boys and girls having excellent amenities for comfortable living of students with high security.


Library: The college has excellent library Facilities. It was variety of books of Indian and foreign authors of repute, which helps both students and teachers to acquire latest knowledge in the field of thier own. It has also good collection of reference books for the teachers as well as students for their project work.


Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes (S.V.G.I.) has its own buses to create a good connectivity between the students,staff and college.It provides very good Transportation facilities to cater needs of both students and staff members.